Introducing SOVA.

The most sophisticated electronic guard tour system on the planet

We are revolutionizing the security industry.

SOVA manages your entire security operation making it lean and efficient. From tracking your assets in real-time to receiving time sensitive information to all of your devices, SOVA brings sophistication and a level of control to your security operation that is unmatched in the industry.
ELECTRONIC TOUR SYSTEM RFID and Bluetooth technology

Setup tours in a few hours and watch your guards conduct tours in real-time from the comfort of your PC. Your guards hit the floor running with location hints and images that virtually navigate them to their RFID checkpoints.

INCIDENT REPORTS Write reports in the field or office

Incident reports with images, audio, video, witness statements with signatures and Google Maps - all formatted beautifully and stored securely for later use on your web portal. Stylish.

LIVE DASHBOARDS Full view of your operation

React to an incident as it happens, not hours later. Advanced technology allows real time tracking of your work force. Receive alerts during sensitive interactions and emergency situations like man-down events.

Some features of SOVA

Manage your workforce in REAL TIME


Your entire operation comes alive with real-time activity feeds and user mapping.


Using the latest in web technology, our system gives your security operations center (SOC) a centralized location to quickly respond to any events in the field.


You can rest assured that your data is private with robust security protocols at every link in the communication chain. Read our white paper here.


Say goodbye to hand writing DAR's and activity logs. With SOVA, all activity is automatically tracked and catalogued throughout the day with no user intervention. Run DAR reports at any point throughout the day for up-to-the-minute reviews of activities by your team. Drill down into the data directly on the DAR by clicking user names, activities, etc. to gain valuable insight into your security operation.


SOVA has a hassle free solution for your business, now with integrated shipping. Send an email to a visitor who has already left your property about a found item. Your visitor reviews the item description and photo, selects a shipping method and pays with a credit card. You box the item, print and apply the prepaid shipping label and send. Improve your guest satisfaction scores while maintaining PCI compliance.


Keep eyes on your users as they move about your facility in real time. Custom floor plan overlays can be used for detailed indoor spaces. Easily dispatch messages and tasks directly to your users by clicking their icon in the map. See who's active, and who's not. We've recently expanded this feature to include a heat map so you can visually see where activity levels are highest around your property, and where you might want to increase your presence.


Bring your equipment inventory into the modern age with advanced tracking via barcode scanning. Easy to setup security rules ensures that only authorized persons gain access to sensitive equipment like keys. Run equipment audits, blacklist users, even add service records all within this tightly integrated module.


Intuitive visitor check-in system. Print badges and scan via barcode. Blacklist visitors and companies with one click. Send reminder emails to prebooked visitors. Notify hosts automatically when their visitor has arrived. Create a watch list of named persons to limit access. Scan visitor passes in the field via our mobile app to verify credentials.


Add BOLO reports from other local businesses or law enforcement to build a library of known POI's in your area. Set a watch radius and receive alerts if a POI is encountered at any business running SOVA. Share POI data instantly and track movements of POI's on a map based on encounters with other SOVA powered locations to help thwart potential illegal activity at your property.


View historical data on user activities and plot those on a map with timestamps in precise detail. Click a map marker to reveal user details, comments, checkpoint data and any tasks that were done at that location. Use this data in security investigations or to simply review patrol patterns within and around your facility.


View detailed up-to-the-minute charts and graphs to gain valuable insight into your security operation for better decision making. Compare how security guards complete patrols, what tasks command the most time, who your top performers are, and more. SOVA compiles this data automatically without user intervention, and displays it in an easy to understand way. Charts can be downloaded easily and included in Word Docs, PowerPoint presentations, etc.


SOVA can be deployed (including staff training) in about a day, and your team will be conducting tours that same evening. We don't outsource our installations - you can expect your installer to be knowledgeable in the ins-and-outs of the system, because more than likely he or she helped build it. We also provide a self-install kit for you do-it-yourselfers, while offering remote assistance if and when you need it.


SOVA was build using input from the best minds in the security industry. The goal has always been to keep it simple, or people won't use it. Give us a try and see for yourselves. We'll ship you a couple demo devices so you can test drive SOVA at your property. After 30 days if you love it, keep it (just be sure to send us a check).


The SOVA web app runs on one of the fastest, most secure networks available to deliver mission-critical information to you when you need it. Data is monitored 24x7x365. With triple redundancy backups in three distinct geographical regions, your data is secured.


We want you to be happy with our product so hopefully you'll tell your industry colleagues and they'll buy our product too. We live and breathe by referrals. That's why our product comes with an unconditional 30 day guarantee. Test drive SOVA for a month at your property and if you don't love it, give it back. No sweat.